Dried Figs

Figs (Ficus Carica Domestica L.) are grown widely in Aegean Region. Turkey is having 65 % of total dried figs production. Among the other varieties, Aegean figs are unique with its taste, appearance, size and texture.

Figs are naturally sun dried. They are fumigated at the factory right on arrival. After calibration, figs are selected under ultra violet lamps for sorting out Aflatoxine contaminated ones. Then figs are washed, processed and packed.

The calibration is done based on official standard number TS 541.

Figs are traditionally described according to their manipulation style such as Natural, Lerida, Garland, Pulled, Protoben and Locum whereas Diced figs and Soft figs are also available.

Figs are generally packed in 10 kilo or 12,5 kilo carton boxes.retail packs starting from 25 grams weight. Even individual packing is done.