Aydın,Köşk Plant

In Kosk, Aydin a modern figs & apricots plant is built on 40.000 m2 area with 16.500 m2 covered area and a daily production capacity of 120 metric tons dried figs, 40 metric tons fig paste, 10 metric tons diced figs, 25 metric tons apricots and 10 metric tons diced apricots. Kosk plant employs up to 2000 high skilled workers during the high season.

State of art technology screens are used to size and sort figs and apricots. It is equipped with innovative, modern washing machines for achieving high level of cleanness.

There are 8 atmospheric and 2 vacuum Fumigation Rooms each with 20 tons capacity. Modern air conditioned UV rooms are used to sort Aflatoxine contaminated figs.

Physical, chemical and microbiological tests are done in fully equipped laboratory to maintain constant quality. DFA moisture content, SO2, Aflacard, Aflascan and Aflatoxin and other essential controls are done by the quality control department.

Cold storage up to 2000 tons raw material is an asset for the company to keep figs as their first day quality for year along. There are also shocking units at -40 degree.

Digital scales are used in the plant for precise weighting. Following the innovations in technology equipments are improved for best performance and efficiency.

In the plant both white and blue collar workers are attending training programs on regular basis for continuous improvement.