Dried Apricots

Apricot (Prunus Armeniaca L.) trees mainly grow in Malatya region and its surroundings. Turkey is the main grower and exporter of whole pitted Apricots. The Apricots are picked from the trees, sulphured, pitted and sun dried. Upon arrival to the packing plants, apricots are calibrated, washed, sorted and packed. Calibration is done based on official standard TS 485 as follows:

We process and export

Whole pitted apricots

Diced apricots

Soft apricots

Bulk packages start from 5 kgs up to 12.5 kgs per carton boxes. Apricots are also packed in retail packages of various weights starting with 25 grams. Retail products are either Akça Brand or private label according to buyers’ request. Individual packing is also done.